Facebook Pixel – Installed!

Facebook Pixel

Following my earlier post about the importance of linking your site to Google Analytics, small businesses looking to attract new customers through Facebook advertising need to create a Facebook ‘Pixel’ and to add this to their website.

What’s a Facebook pixel?

The pixel is unseen and collects info about your website visitors. This can then be used to target Facebook ads.

Facebook offers you the most fantastic level of really sophisticated ad targeting.

The pixel allows you to ‘retarget’ people who have visited your site, bought from you or even those who’ve got to the checkout but then left without buying…

Have you ever wondered why you seem to be followed around the internet by companies whose website you’ve just visited? The answer is Facebook pixels…

I’ve just spent a little time creating and installing a Facebook pixel on the new website and will pull together a how-to guide to take you through this crucial set-up procedure

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